As Promised

I was able to have Nona (my mom's preferred grandmother handle) snap a few pictures of Faith and I while capturing the overall gist of today's work outfit. Before taking our photo, I grabbed a few shots of Faith getting into mischief in the lower kitchen cabinets.

Faith's outfit Old navy shirt, buy here Baby GAP outlet jeans, similar through Baby GAP here
For whatever reason, I didn't register how warm it was on Halloween and had a mindset that I was going to buy Faith gloves for that night. When I went to run errands before picking her up from day care, I was able to stop by Old Navy and Kohls. You would think- babies- need more warmth than the rest of us- gloves,no problem...Uh that would NOT be the case. Old Navy didn't have any gloves smaller than toddler size 3. Kohls had only 2 options- can you believe that?!? Thankfully one was in her size and was a set that included a cupcake hat, which she's wearing in the last photo. Normally Faith tries within seconds of hat placement on her head to remove said hat, but for whatever reason she was digging this one. I think it's pretty cute.

Kohls Jumping Beans cupcake hat set


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