DIY Floral Wreath for Outdoor Decor

Last week I discussed the importance of curb appeal in this post and one cheap, quick method of dressing up the outside of your house is a door wreath.  After reviewing other door wreaths on Pinterest, I decided to tackle my own version of DIY floral wreath project.  Below I'll take you through the steps.

Materials for DIY floral wreath

I bought all my materials from A.C. Moore, but you could go to any local craft store.  A.C. Moore does not sell their products online, so I've linked to Michaels.  If you make jewelry or have an electrician in the family, then you probably already have wire cutters or can borrow some.  I used the glue gun for the ribbon. 

  1. 20" Grapevine Wreath (only in store, 18" here)
  2. Silk florals - rose bush (pink option), white flower garland
  3. 24 gauge floral wire
  4. Green floral tape
  5. Ribbon (optional, exact one I used)
  6. Tools - wire cutters, glue gun (includes glue sticks)
I waited for the florals to be on sale for 40% and used 25% off coupon on regular items.  In total, I spent ~$20.

Steps for DIY floral wreath

  1. Separate out individual flowers w/ cutters
  2. Cut 12" wire pieces
  3. Loop wire around flower & twist two ends together
  4. Wrap floral tape, starting at flower base until reach wire end
  5. Insert flower stems in wreath & wrap stems around twigs
  6. Loop 12" ribbon around wreath for hanging purposes
  7. Make bow and glue bow & ribbon to wreath
In total, it took me 5 hours to do this.  I knew what I needed for materials, but wasn't totally clear on how to use the floral wire and tape.  I found this great How To article by Punkin Patterns.


I separated out the roses from the bush.  There were a total of 18 and I decided to arrange them in ombre pattern ending with the white flowers.  The white flowers were removed from 24" garland.


I cut a total of 30 12" wire pieces, 18 for my roses and 12 for my orchids.


how to wire flowers

I probably cut off a little too much of the stem, but looped around the baby breath and then twisted the wire.

For the white flowers, I bunched three sprigs together, looped through the lower stems and twisted the two ends.  The chunkiness at the bottom made the floral tape somewhat difficult, but as I got better at taping, it got easier.


taping wired stem on silk florals

I cut about 18" lengths of ribbon tape and started wrapping around the floral base.  For the most part, I had enough length to reach the end of the wire.


I didn't take specific pictures, but you can find those in Punkin Pattern's article.  I pushed the taped stem through the front and wrapped the stem around the grapevines on the backside of the wreath.
ombre florals arranged in grapevine wreath

ombre florals arranged in grapevine wreath

STEPS 6 & 7

DIY floral wreath with ribbon hanger

I cut 12" piece of ribbon and looped it around the top of the wreath.  I glued the overlapping ends.  Then I took another 12" piece of ribbon, created a bow, and glued that to the base of the loop.  


DIY spring floral wreath with ribbon hanger

That's my DIY floral wreath project - hope you enjoyed. I might update this in the future as I really like the initialized wreath, but didn't find anything the right size in the store. They didn't have any of the circled initials and I figured I could add the detail in later. Please share your own designs in the comments section below.

Love, Candace Jean

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