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My daughter is starting pre-k in the fall and will be going to school full-time.  I don’t think this will be a big adjustment for her since she’s only with me 1 day a week.  Monday through Thursday, Faith and Dean are either at my mother-in-laws or in-home daycare from 8AM – 5:30PM.  The Montessori school she will attend runs from 9AM – 3PM with an hour of before care.  Not only am I excited for Faith to start this chapter in her life, providing her with exposure to a new learning environment and opportunity to make new friends, I am selfishly looking forward to back to school shopping. 


Below is the shopping list I’ve put together that should give Faith a great working fall wardrobe with plenty of options (without going overboard, which I have a tendency to do).  In total, there are 21 items that make up tops, bottoms, and dresses.  In addition to that, I included 3 jackets, 3 pairs of shoes, and 4 school gear items.  This totals 31 items that should get your girl through the fall months into winter.

Back To School Shopping List for Little Girls


Some of these items like the leggings, I don’t need to buy since I bought them in the spring and got them in 4T.  Faith tends to grow out of her clothing size by spring, which requires me to restock on a few essentials.  It’s a little tough with her because clothing becomes too short, but can occasionally swim on her since she doesn’t have the bulk to fill it out.  This wardrobe shopping list is targeted for dressy girls.  My daughter will NOT wear jeans and wants to wear a dress every day of the week.  Since dresses are harder to rotate in a wardrobe, I have leggings and skirts on there to alternate in and add layers for the colder days.  If you’re little girl is not into dressier clothes, I would recommend removing the 3 short sleeve dresses and 2 skirts from the shopping list and adding on a few pairs of jeans.  Maybe a pair of skinnies in black, gray, and a dark denim wash.  Or take out the gray skinnies and substitute in some boyfriend jeans.


Download my back to school shopping checklist here.  I hope this helps you to organize what you need to buy for the upcoming fall.  If this fall is anything like last year, Faith will get good use out of her summer clothing for the month of September.

What are your absolute musts for fall back to school shopping?  Where do you like to shop?  My go-tos are T.J. Maxx, Target, Old Navy, and GAP.  I am excited to check out the new Cat & Jack clothing line at Target.  I saw some of the shoes and they were really cute.

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