These shoes were made for walking...

Is it asking too much for Faith to start walking so for 1) we can avoid dirty patches on all of our leggings (washing does NOT remove all dirt) and 2) we can start buying some cute baby shoes - as mentioned all small baby things=adorable, irresistible...
Right now it's tough because Faith has a few cute pairs of shoes, but if she's home or inside, she doesn't really need to wear them so as not to impede her walking. Honestly, even if Faith could walk, she has the smallest, fattest feet that are currently sized at 3.5. Who has 3.5 size shoes...NO ONE!! Only Stride Rite and they have about 5 shoes to pick from. Other selections can be found from various European brands; however, what one brand equates to size 3.5 another brand has as size 4.

Shoes I want to buy her

Shoes (in clockwise order)
Hunter Kids First Rainboot/ UGG® Australia Bailey Button Boot/ Ralph Lauren Carl Leopard Boots/ Minnetonka ankle hi tramper boots

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