First Year Baby Milestones Poster

Almost three years ago, my friend Jill found this great first birthday poster on Pinterest.  Below is an example, a first birthday chalkboard poster you can buy from M&M Chalkboard Creations (image source).

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I loved the idea of pulling together all this information on Faith's first year, which served dual purposes - 1) a commemorative keepsake and 2) party decoration.  Based on the Pinterest concept, Jill helped me create a first year milestone poster.

For Faith's birthday, we created the poster in Power Point in 11" x 17" format.  I printed the poster through Staples and then framed it 16" x 20" white matted frame.  If you are feeling creative, below are fun facts you can pull together on your baby to feature on your own first year milestone poster.


  • Growth facts
    • Height / Weight / Number of teeth
  • Physical milestones
    • Provide age in months or weeks
    • Rolled over / Crawled / Stood / Walked
    • Clapped / Waved / Laughed 
  • Verbal milestones
    • First word 
    • List of words your baby can say
  • Favorite toys / favorite activities


To keep the tradition going, Jill is helping me create one for Dean.  To help you construct your own, I've made a free printable you can download here and open with any application (Power Point, Canva, Paint) to add in text with your baby's stats.

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