DIY Tutorial - Make A Lollipop Stand

DIY Lollipop Stand

For Dean's birthday, instead of creating gift bags, we had mustache pops as party favors along with pixie sticks and smarties for the kids to grab & bring home (or eat then).  To showcase the mustache pops, I made a lollipop stand that mached the mustache theme.

DIY Lollipop Stand Tutorial

Items Used

Things Needed for DIY Lollipop Stand


Putting the lollipop stand together was pretty easy and took me 15 minutes.  

1. Tape the base

The disc was simple - I cut 12" lengths of tape and laid it down horizontally to cover the surface.

2. Tape the cone

The cone was a bit trickier.  Because of the shape, I was forced to cover at an angle.  I cut 6-8" lengths of tape and started at the top of the cone and laid it down lengthwise.  I tried lining up the pieces so the pattern matched up.

3. Join the base & cone together

After the taping was done, I used one of the lollipop sticks and inserted it into the middle of the cone and then pushed that through the disc.


DIY Lollipop Stand with Mustache Pops

I was able to fit 15 lollipops on my DIY lollipop stand.  The great thing about this DIY lollipop stand is you can do any number of themes.  The duck tape on Amazon comes in 20 different patterns and JoAnn sells a lot of Wilton lollipop molds.  

I hope you enjoyed this DIY.  I'd eventually like to get more pictures of Dean's birthday party so I can show you some of my other DIY and decorations.  The mustache themed birthday party was a lot of fun.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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