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I'm really behind on reading all the latest posts of blogs I follow. In my efforts to to grow an audience, I joined Lucky Contributors and received/read great advice on growing your blog audience and finding your voice. As a side benefit of this effort, I have also found a lot of other new fantastic blogs. I have gone from following and reading 10 blogs to expanding my list to a total of 54 blogs and this will probably continue to grow. In this endeavor, a lot of these discovered blogs are also new and working to grow their following. It continues to provide me with inspiration and admiration. In the most recent posts, I have seen lots of fur vests and am now really, almost desperately, wanting a fur vest.

Image via Zara

Image via Nastygal, buy and get 30%, 2 items 40%, 3+ 50%

Today, I opted for a casual & comfy outfit built around my C&C California striped hi low sweater. Its made of great quality and I think the uneven hem with the longer sides has a slimming effect. I paired it with a Tahari tank that has held up well over the past year or so with washings. It's modal material so its soft and fitted without being too tight and causing muffin top (which is the worst!). I purchased both of these at T.J. Maxx (OF COURSE) and paired these layers with my Mother ankle zip skinny jeans and Matisse ankle boots. The scarf was a Christmas present from Mark last year from Asos. My skull obsession continues to grow and I now have two skull patterned sweaters and two skull scarves. If I could afford it, I would totally purchase an Alexander McQueen clutch and probably those infamous shoes (both pictured below). I've put together several similar styled outfits as well.

(I apologize for the stink eye)

(I put this in so you could see the quality of the sweater up close)

Casual w/ Flat Ankle Boot

Skull Obsessed

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