1. Current/Elliott Collegiate Sweatshirt on Big Bang Theory

I absolutely LOVE the Big Bang Theory and Penny's style is very laid back.  Her style on the show is what I strive for on the weekends when I'm running around with the kiddos on Saturday mornings.  In the latest episode she wore this awesome star print sweatshirt that I instantly loved because of the color.

Image via Musings on Outfit Board (saved from Worn On TV)

The only thing I don't love about the sweatshirt is the price of $250. I found it on sale for $158, but still! It's a sweatshirt. With my selections above, I found a variety of colors, price points, and casual tops if you're not feeling the sweatshirt.

2.  Discovering old things to resurrect as new

I had accumulated quite the pile of dry clean only items in my laundry room.  I've gone through periods where I've washed it by hand myself, but I just haven't made time - not when I'm constantly doing laundry for 4 people.  I kept adding stuff to the basket and had no idea what was in there.  I have quite the dry cleaning bill for Saturday, but I redsicovered a few cardigans, linen blend J. Crew sweaters, and some nice silk tops I can rotate in for work wear.  Below are some picks from +J.Crew and +J.Crew Factory that are some great deals on nice quality tops.  The topmost sweater I have and love the flattering, easy fit.  I also have the french hen sweater - I forget what show it was worn on a few years ago, but the moment I saw it, I was obsessed with having it.  That little french hen is too cute for words.

3. New shows in the fall lineup

Image via Joblo

Fall is a great time of year in New England with the slight drop in temperature, the changing trees, and all things pumpkin.  In addition to those things, we also get introduced to new shows as well as the return of my long-time faves (Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, New Girl, and Modern Family).  For public t.v., I've been trying out The Good Place and American Housewife.  I have a huge girl crush on Kristen Bell and grew up watching Ted Danson on Cheers so giving The Good Place a try was a given.  So far, I'm intrigued.  I started watching and fell asleep during American Housewife.  However, I thought the show - whose main female lead is Katy Mixon - has a hilarious and on point inner dialogue running throughout the episode.  Finally, if you have HBO, you need to watch Westworld.  It's bizarre, intriguing, and has a really cool concept where I still don't know all the plot's twist and turns, which makes me excited for a new episode each week.  If you liked I Robot, The Matrix, and Ex Machina then you would like this show.

4.  Leather backpack

A few years ago, my mom bought me this nice crossbody by the brand Hobo.  Below are three options that are close to the bag that I've been using the past few days.  I like this bag because I can fit my laptop in it and sling it on.  It makes a little bit easier for maneuvering around on the train. 

 What I think would be even better for my daily commute is a leather backpack.  I saw this woman carrying around a really nice black leather one with a zip closure; it looked like Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack, BUT, since that's close to $300, I searched for some more affordable options.  Which one do you like best?

5. Dean's Halloween costume

We've finally decided on Dean's Halloween costume - we're going to have him dress up as a little dragon.  I think that would be cute and go with Faith's wicked witch costume - like Sleeping Beauty (my favorite princess fairy tale from childhood) - although the witch and the dragon are the same.  +Cartwheel By Target has 25% coupon on all Halloween decor/lights/costumes so I might take a detour by there today and see if I can rustle up a dragon costume for him.

The costume above is also sold at Target so it would be a win win if I could find it there today and get an additional 25% off along with 5% off with my red card.  Wish me luck!

Hope you're having a great Friday and excited to see everyone's Friday favorites.  #FridayFeeling

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