The Pinterest Game #43a

The Pinterest Game #43a - Welcome

The Pinterest Game #30a

Friday, 13th May 2016

Game is open from 9 pm ET(US Thur) 12md(AUS Friday) and Closes 3 am Wednesday ET(US) 6 pm(AUS)

Two games live at the same time.

This means that you can put your pins into the first game and then double your chances of winning by putting them in the second game right away. The five FEATURED pins that you must re-pin will be different in each game. Both games will generate their own winners, to DOUBLE your chance of winning. That is six (6) winners each week.

Keep the daily re-pinning going - you will see growth.

**I bookmark this page and come back to re-pin 10 pins each day**

By pinning and commenting my (per week) Pinterest followers doubled :)

Here is a Pinterest tip for you.

Pinterest loves you to re-pin other people's pins. Big Pinterest accounts recommend pinning between 10-50 of other people's pins per day. Very time consuming. Problem solved. Here in the game, the Pins come to you - just re-pin the pins from the Game. I have found that when I do the daily re-pin I get more followers.

Have you had a drop in Pinterest Traffic?

Let's work at getting it back! Pinterest rewards pinners who promote and interact with other pinners.

Meet your host and co-hosts

Profile the Pinterest game

Kathleen Blogs at The Blogger's Lifestyle

Kellie & Jen

Kellie Blogs at Pins in a Nut Shell

Jen Blogs at Conversations at the Ironing Board

Patty & Charlotte

Patty Blogs at Fun Family Living

Charlotte Blogs at The Mummy Toolbox

Candace & Charlotte

Candace Blogs at Musings by Candace Jean

Charlotte Blogs at Charlotte's Corner Cafe

How the game works - The aim is to be FEATURED

There are two games running at the same time. Both games are open for you to submit pins to ( this doubles your chances of being a winner) Each game has five (5) FEATURES that you must re-pin when you enter the game.

1. Re-pin the five (5) specified pins (featured below) to your own boards
2. Submit up to three (3) of your Pinterest pin URL's using the Linky button below. (To find the URL click on your Pinterest pin and copy the address that comes up in your browser - it will look something like this:
You now have an equal chance of being a winner. The program Inlinkz randomly chooses 3 winners from each game to be FEATURED.

That is all there is to it. Re-pin the five (5) FEATURED pins > Submit your pin URL's in the Linky button>


What is in it for you?

1. You get to display your pins here for all to see. 2. All Pins will be re-pinned 3. Winners will be FEATURED the next week. To be FEATURED means that your pin will be one of the Pins that everyone has to re-pin. How good is that! When your pins have re-pins and comments, it is like sending Pinterest a message that you are popular and then Pinterest promotes you to others so they may pin or follow you. 4. Pinterest brings traffic to your Blog.

2 games - six (6) winners - Your pins re-pinned + FEATURES get more. Tweet This!

Grab your Pinterest Banner and the awesome winners Banner here

Note: By linking up to this game, you give the hosts permission to share your posts and images via on social media or as a feature, all with links back to the original source. If you have entered an email address into the link up, an email reminder will be sent to you when the game goes live.

Learn to be smarter Pinterest Pinners

Star the pinterest gamePinterest Tip - You may want to make a catch-all Board for miscellaneous Re-Pins - later delete any you do not want to keep.

The Pinterest Game :***Always CLICK on the IMAGE to pin it. *** Don't use the floating Pinit

This Weeks Awesome 5 FEATURES must be re-pinned

Use the Links Above ↑ to do the re-pinning (Total 5) Now you submit your pin URL’s to the blue linky button below↓

To double your chances of winning go to Game "b" NOW - You can submit the same or different pins. Click on the graphic. The Pinterest Game The Pinterest Game #43a Do you know anyone who loves Pinterest ?- send them an invitation NOW - the page URL is automatically added -

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