Dotty for Dalmatians: Faith's First Trick or Treat

For Faith’s first Halloween, we dressed her in a cute Carter’s special bodysuit with attached tutu “Daddy’s under my spell”. This will be her first trick or treat Halloween experience. In order to prepare, Mark and I purchased Step 2 neighborhood wagon through Amazon, which we test drove on Saturday to attend Pumpkins in the Park. The wagon was a huge success and will be great for taking her out on Thursday. To get into the holiday spirit, we dressed Faith up as a bumblebee (picture below), which Mark had purchased as a back up costume.

Step 2 red wagon

When thinking of Halloween costume ideas, I came across this Gymboree Dalmatian costume, with which I instantly fell in love. Faith is OBSESSED with dogs. Since we have two at home, her first word (besides momma and dada) was doggie, and results in her constantly pointing out dogs and yelling the word doggie over and over. Dalmatian = perfect costume for my child. Much to my dismay, they were already sold out online by the time of my discovery and didn’t carry it in stores. Thus began my plan to find all of the necessary items. Below are links and images of DIY Dalmatian costume and ears.

Martha Stewart- DIY Dalmatian ears
Parents- DIY Dalmatian costume

In addition, I am showing the pieces I purchased to put together Faith’s costume. I’ll follow up with pictures of her Halloween costume at the end of the week.

Gymboree hoodie, tights, and bodysuit
Jumping beans tutu bought at Kohl's

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