I have two rants for today:
Rant 1
As you can see from the pictures below, I am using the same Cole Haan bag as my previous post about work. I have several other really cute bags that I've invested in over the years BUT...switching bags is a pain. I have to wonder- do women in other fashion blog posts just pose with the bag and then have a working one where everything accumulates? When I switch bags, I ALWAYS, always forget something. Like my favorite lip gloss or the gift card I received for my birthday or the receipt that I need at TJ Maxx to return something and have it debited back to my card. It's very frustrating. Also, this bag is the only one that I can fit my work computer in as its the perfect size and shape. Thoughts on this end...buying a laptop sleeve, container, etc. for my Macbook Air and then making use of my other purses. Other organizational suggestions? Throw everything in a ziplock freezer bag to switch over from bag to bag so I do not forget? One thing I could definitely do is invest in a larger wallet.

Blazer- Anne Taylor Loft a few years ago, similar here Bag- Cole Haan Genevieve Denny Large tote

Below are some options for a laptop sleeve and larger wallet

Boots- Coach- another TJ Maxx score for $149!, this whole link has a curated set of +400 ankle boots with lots of great options under $150
Below is a layout of some boots that I like that are a little bit more expensive

Trying to take better photos- will attempt to have a full outfit image later...Also, played around and had some fun with Picasa, which I am now obsessed with using to make collages. It's such an easy free app. In the photo, I'm wearing a J. Crew cardigan I bought last year on sale made out of 100% merino wool. Options here for J. Crew and here for floral
Rant 2
Who am I going to get to take outfit photos for me? I can't even imagine what time of day other bloggers are getting up to be completely good to go and take such great photos...and who is taking the photos? Mark would laugh in my face, but probably do it...he doesn't get the whole blogging thing. Then I'd feel really uncomfortable and stupid and take horrible photos. What is a girl to do and what type of camera do people use? I'm thinking an iPhone is not cutting it. Mine is the new one with the camera that can switch; however, I dropped it running and the images come out blurry and I still haven't gotten it fixed. Sigh.
Hope you're having a good friday!

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