Giving it to the maxx: Part I

I'm sure you've noticed a recurring theme where I incessantly talk about T.J. Maxx and to a smaller degree, Marshalls, and the good deals to be found there.  Last night I went there and spent 2 hours roaming the store; it was awesome!  I am so fixated on this store- I can't even help myself.  I find that I am tempted to go up to other customers in the store and point out all the amazing deals that I can't buy, but  shouldn't languish away on the racks.  I wore an outfit today that was $40!!! and consisted of Joe's Jeans that I found for $15 and James Perse sweater for $25.  You can't beat it!  All right, I'll stop gushing and show you.  And FYI- if you live in Massachusetts south of Boston, check out the T.J. Maxx in Plainville.  That is my T.J. Maxx store; my shopping oasis.

Sorry the pics aren't a little better; I didn't get a great opportunity for a photo shoot and the lighting in my kitchen sucks.  I'll follow up tomorrow with my other finds as I am keeping Mark up with my typing.

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