Winter Gear

For Faith's in home day care two days a week, they go outside 2x a day.  Now that we have started to reach freezing temperatures in Boston and have some accumulating snow fall, Faith needs to have some good winter gear.  In one of my first posts, These Shoes Are Made for Walking, I complained about Faith not walking and her mini feet.  These two factors still hold true; however, Faith has gone from a size 3.5 to size 4 and she's starting to stand on her own and walk a few steps by herself.  Cute short video below.

We need to find snow boots and snow pants for Miss Faith since we already bought her a warm puffy jacket last year from Baby GAP outlet for $14 (awesome deal- you know I'm all about them).  Here are some various boot options I'm exploring online.  Last night, Mark, Faith, and I went to grab food at Legacy Place and stop at a Stride Rite store.  We were informed immediately upon our arrival that all snow boots under the size 12 had been sold out for a few weeks, now necessitating that I purchase boots online.  Below is a round up of boots that I like.  In addition to boots, we also need to invest in a snowsuit or snow pants, which I've also compiled.
Let it snow

Let it Snow II

Let it Snow II by mbcandacejean featuring H&M pants

I think I'm going to try my luck today at Target & T.J. Maxx and maybe order additional gear online since we have day care tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll soon have some pics of Faith to post all bundled up.

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