So Fly

Are any of you old enough to remember when Mark McGrath was in SugarRay and had that hit "Fly"..."I just want to fly, put your arms around me baby, put your arms around me baby". And if you remember that do you remember the song "Butterfly" by CrazyTown that was featured in a several breakout dance routines in the movie Orange County...I digress, but as I went to start this post, these songs started running through my head.

Butterfly Tent

Mark and I went to Christmas Tree Shops to buy one thing, which turned into $150 purchase and we bought many things.  Christmas Tree Shops is just one of those stores...similar to Target.  One of the things we purchased included a butterfly tent, which we have set up in our living room until we finish our basement and create a playroom down there for Faith.  Miss Faith's birthday is next month so when thinking about birthday gifts, I contemplated the idea of one of those cool homemade tents that you can buy on Etsy.  Mark's line of thought veered towards a playground set.  Looking online, I saw some really nice play tents/tee pees but didn't pull the trigger due to $100-150 price tag.  (Because I'm too busy throwing away $150 at Christmas Tree Shops various bargain items.)

Images via Handmade Charlotte buy here, Etsy shop SugarShacksTeepees buy here, and Etsy shop Tnees Tpees buy here
Enter my $15 find at Christmas Tree Shops

Buy here through Christmas Tree Shops
Then I stopped into +HomeGoods as I've also become fixated on redoing our three season porch off of the kitchen on my quest to try and find new outdoor patio cushions and came across this matching chair:

Image via Pinterest, purchase here
Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Bell Butterfly Chair
If you wanted to take the butterfly decor to the fullest, here are some additional fun accessories (all images via Amazon):

Fun picnic set for their tent play - buy here, Hopscotch for the driveway or double as a large puzzle - buy here, bubbles! every kids favorite - buy here, and of course a butterfly cart to carry around all their cool new matching toys - buy here

Last, I found this really nice circular rug to cover the bottom of the tent to provide Faith's bum with some padding from the hardwood floor.  It was $19.99 - 3-foot round - Artisans Designer Rug Accents

+HomeGoods in Milford is A-MAZING - it's the largest one I've been too and they had a huge selection of kid's decor.  I was extremely tempted to go overboard and buy a bunch of cute elephant themed storage bins and a recliner...but, we don't really need the extra clutter in our living room.

Hope you are having a good week!

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