Work It Girl!: My Top Picks for Office Wear Flats


Today will be the last of my discussion on my son's bum and BMs (for this week anyway).  Since I called the doctor's office and they prescribed Nystatin, we have finally turned the corner on getting his bum back to normal and the red bumps are gone.  I love that about my dr's office - a lot of times I can call, give them my children's symptoms and they will give me advice and/or call in a prescription for me.  It's nice not having to deal with the hassle of going into the office, waiting around, and paying a co-pay.  As a side anecdote, I typically get my son when he wakes up and bring him into our bedroom to take his bottle so my husband can keep an eye on him while I hop in the shower.  Pretty much every morning, Dean wakes with a huge mess in his pants.  This morning, we woke my husband up and he said, "Every morning, I don't even get to take a breath of fresh air.  Instead, I'm fishbowled with the smell of poop."  I laughed SO HARD!  I'm thinking I need to adjust our morning routine so Dean gets his bottle on the changing table in his room and then do the handoff to Dada after we've changed the poopy diaper.


I bought a pair of gray flats that are a cross between a boat shoe and a loafer years ago from F21.  I really like the style, but they're really worn out and I think I'm ready to invest a little bit more money and buy a nice pair of leather/suede ones.  I started browsing through Shopstyle again and here are my faves.  I'm torn between the pointed toe style or more of a penny loafer.

Fun Flats


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