Dean Does Lately...1 Year Old

I can't believe that my son is now a year old. This year flew by for me and with all the activities we have had over the past two months, it flew by even faster. Over the past three weekends, we had Faith's first dance recital, Dean's first birthday, and then our trip to Nashville for Memorial Day Weekend. It's been a crazy full month and I'm excited to have a couple of low key weekends.  After that, we have a few additional things planned for the summer, but I like not having a lot going on so we can go with the flow on the weekends.  Hopefully do things like head to the beach, hang out at our pool, and throw impromptu cookouts.

Dean's First Year Birthday Poster

Jill designed Dean's first year birthday poster for me and it came out great!  We had it printed in 18 x 24" size and left it unframed for the birthday decorations.  As you can see, Mr. Dean is a big boy and has grown so much over the year.  Both his top teeth are now in, eliminating the snaggle tooth effect (which was totally adorable) and I think he's getting in 2 more top teeth.

Developmental Milestones


He can get half way across the room before he face plants in one of the couches.  The face plant is usually followed by giggling since walking makes him happy.  He's moving from the cruising stage to the toddling stage - it's just a matter of time before he's full out walking.


He now points at things and says what Mark and I interpret as "What's that" - honestly, it is the cutest thing ever.  He's starting to babble a lot more and within the next few months I imagine that the babble will start meaning a little more to me and Mark.

Eating Habits

We have now moved to whole fat milk - yes!  It is 1/5 the cost of formula, which is an awesome cost saver.  Milk is also a lot less stressful - you can pretty much pop in anyway and grab milk, which isn't something that you can do with formula.  Dean prefers his milk at room temperature or heated up, which is a bit of pain when we're out and order him a milk.  He'll just let cold milk dribble everywhere and won't drink as much.  He's awesome already with sippy cups and straws, which is something that took Faith a while to master.  And this kid will eat anything and loves most fruits and veggies.

Favorite Things

1. Opening the cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms (we seriously need those latches - we never needed them with Faith).
2. Climbing the stairs (we also seriously need a gate).
3. Splashing his hands in the toilet bowl water (so so gross) or Max's water bowl.
4. Dancing with his Beatbo robot.


Here is a collage I put together of Dean from each month since I just started doing these Dean Does Lately posts a little while back and you can see how much our little guy has grown.  He's always had a ton of hair too.  The awkward stages you can see from 2-4 months was a result of a head buzzing by his dad.  I cried when it happened - it was a bit traumatic for me and Dean.  But thankfully, my mom was able to shape it up.  FYI - if your husband or partner tries and talks you into buzzing your child's hair, tell them NO.  It's not good for their heads since they're still forming - Mark got this bit of advice after the buzzing incident.  Anyway, I digress.  I hope you like the roll up on Dean and the past year.  How was the first year in your baby's life - did it fly by for you?  Do you feel like it went by even quicker if you have more than 1 child?

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