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In September, we’ll be coming up on Faith’s 4th birthday.  I can’t believe she’s going to be 4 years old! It’s been an amazing journey as I’ve witnessed her transition from a toddler over the past two years into a little girl.  She is one of the most open, friendliest kids you’ll ever meet and I hope her personality stays that way as she gets older.  Since September is not that far away, I need to consider birthday venues, theme, and invitations.  Luckily, Faith and I came to an easy decision that this will be a My Little Pony birthday party and she is already super excited about it.  Now I have to figure out where we’ll have the party so I can reserve the venue and make up the invitations.  For Faith’s first and second birthday, we hosted it at our house.  Last year was the first year we had it at an outside venue and it was the BEST DECISION EVER!  We had the party at Kidz Wurld, a children's indoor play & party center, and all the kids had a blast.


There are definite pros to having your child's birthday party at your house:

Benefits of a Birthday Party at Home

However, there are many drawbacks to hosting a birthday party at your house.  You need to worry about:
1. Having enough seats and eating surfaces
2. Clean up before everyone gets there
3. Clean up after everyone leaves
4. Since there is no time limit, some people just don't know when to leave (aka lingerers)
5. You spend a LOT more money between entertainment, decorations, & food

When we had Faith's birthday party at Kidz Wurld, it was a no fuss, hassle free event.  For $250, we covered admission for all the kids to the play center, pizza & drinks, helpful staff, and no clean up.  This year, I am considering a few new venue options.

Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas


Birthday parties at this local farm includes a 45-minute hay ride tour and pumpkin picking.  In addition to the hay ride, you’re given the use of their picnic tables for 2 hours to put out food and birthday cake.  Nearby to the picnic tables is a playground, a barn & opportunity to feed farm animals as well as plenty of open space for running around.  Right now, this is at the top of my list.


At the Creative Community Center, you pick the craft for the birthday child to enjoy with their friends.  The party fee includes craft supplies, two staff to assist with the craft making & cake cutting, as well as party provisions (table decorations, tablecloths, party plates, cups, napkins, & eatery).  Faith really enjoys arts & crafts so this is also a potentially good choice.


Since we're doing a My Little Pony themed birthday party, why not go all out, head down to a horse farm and get pony rides?  The Pony Party is the shortest and most expensive of my birthday venue picks.  You get access to the farm and picnic tables for food & cake for 90 minutes, which includes 45 minutes of horse riding.  If Faith was a huge equine enthusiast (outside of My Little Pony), I would rank this higher on my list.

My runner up idea was a dance party.  A lot of dance studios now allow you to rent out the studio, have a teacher run a 60 minute dance class and then allow for time to eat & have cake. I think this might be a good option for when Faith is a little older and has friends from school.  Right now, most of the other kids invited to her birthday parties are my friends' kids and her cousins, which presents a wide age range.

What have you done for toddler and little kid birthday parties?  With what venues have you had a lot of success?

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