Trick 'r' Treat

Tonight was great and Faith had a blast. We pulled her around in the wagon featured in my first post, Step 2 Neighborhood wagon, which was very convenient. The wagon has a seat buckle to strap the little one in as well as a cup holder. Pulling just Faith around allowed me to rest my diaper bag in the second seat and the trick 'r' treat collection bucket rested in the middle of the floor. The weather was awesome; she had enough layers on and we didn't have to put a jacket over her costume...AND the rain held off the entire time. Faith's first Halloween trick 'r' treat = SUCCESS! As I mentioned, we dressed Faith up as a dalmatian.

The puppy nose made it no further than the house. We drove over to Mark's old neighborhood and the nose was promptly rubbed off before we made it to Mark's parents. When we got there to meet up with his nieces, she looked like she was rocking a black eye. Even without the nose, she still looked adorable and was a huge hit with everyone (obviously). We managed to keep the Gymboree clothing relatively intact with just a few chocolate stains that had resulted from some KitKat consumption during the wagon ride.

Happy halloween to everyone; I hope your night was filled with as much enjoyment!

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