Back in Plaid...All Right!

When I started to type in Back in Plaid post title, the Back Street Boys song immediately came to mind, and I couldn't help myself with the all right. I might have mentioned this previously, but I moved six months ago, and we're still digging up unpacked stuff from down in the basement. I came across a shirt that I purchased...from where...T.J. Maxx of course! I'm so glad I found it; I had forgotten about it until I was digging through a bin for more scarf options. It also has the added bonus of reminding me of Christmas, which excites me and makes me nervous as I have to start figuring out what Mark and I are going to do for gifts. Anyway, today is the final day of my work retreat and therefore, my polished business casual. I'm re wearing the green wool blazer from Ann Taylor Loft. I wasn't able to get a full body shot of the outfit, but I wanted to share the shirt, blazer, and scarf combo.

Check out my guest post tomorrow on Nerd Allure; I'm doing a Style Inspiration Board based on Resident Evil.

Outfit Shirt- Ralph Lauren/ Blazer- Ann Taylor Loft/ Jeans- Rag & Bone/ Scarf- Italian cashmere, present from my mom- this scarf is awesome!

Since my pics are not so great, I put together a virtual outfit and in doing so, thinking that Mango plaid shirt is pretty great. NOTE- am taking active measures to have better photos- will hopefully have better results tomorrow.
Back in Plaid

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