I've decided that I am going to try rocking dirty hair. I typically wash my hair everyday and go through extremely lazy periods where I don't blow dry my hair and let it air dry (this is not practical in the winter time). However, when I get into a good schedule and get my hair cut and highlighted regularly, I try to blow it out more. This takes up time that I'd rather get back at the end of the day. The sooner I can get out the door, the sooner I get into work and the sooner I can head home, grab Faith and hang out with my fam. Sounds like a win win all the way around. Today is Day 1 in my dirty hair routine. I think I'm going to try and wash my hair every third day. I was trying to find some good articles on dirty hair and recommended time periods. I know that for people who have hair extensions, they can go 4, 5 days, but for people that have normal to dry hair, I couldn't find any specifics.

In my explorations, I found some great posts on The Beauty Department, which is one of my daily reads that I follow on Bloglovin. If you haven't checked it out, you definitely should. Below is a roll up I did during my research of dirty hair.

Hair care rollup
  1. Recommendation on dry shampoo application

  2. Top 3 dry shampoos from totalbeauty.com
  3. Hair Bootcamp- provides info on weekend and regular hair care, guiding you based on your hair type.

  4. Images source via The Beauty Department

  5. Three shampoo & conditioner combos based on budget
    • Clear Hair Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner (Walgreens)
    • Living Proof Restore (Sephora, Ulta)
    • Kerastase Cristalliste (Amazon for $24!)

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