8 Strength Conditioning Exercises To Burn Fat in 25 Minutes

Fitness Blender

I have discovered this great fitness channel called Fitness Blender that posts their videos to +YouTube  .  They do a great job of demonstrating the exercise moves, time out the exercises, and talking you through the exercises as you follow along.  One of my favorite workouts is Total Body Bootcamp, which is 25 minute video that gets my heart rate pumping and body conditioning.  The workout structure is 8 exercises, 50 seconds each (as many reps you can do), 3 rounds total.

8 Strength Conditioning Exercises

Before starting the body bootcamp, I start off with 15 minute cardio workout on the elliptical.  To push myself, I do random at level 15.  This gets my heart rate up to 150-160 bpm range.  This helps to ensure the strength conditioning is challenging and continues to provide me with cardio to help burn fat.  I like these types of exercises that require your own body weight to do conditioning rather than sitting at weight machines.  That way, I'm still burning calories while toning my muscles.

1.  Burpees + side leg raises

2. Windmill steps + ski squat
For this exercise, I used an optional 5 lb weight in each hand

  3.  Boxer squat + flutterkicks

4.  Twister mountain climber + leg lifts

After jumping to both sides, do a leg raise on each leg

5.  Bridge Kicks

6.  Double jack squats

You do 2 jumping jacks in a row and then jump into a deep squat

7.  Crossover tap leg lifts

This is done in plank - your right leg raises, taps down on the outside of your left leg and then raises back into place.  Repeat the same motions on your left leg.

8.  Reverse lunge skips

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