Organizing the Chaos

During my work lunch break I came across a goldmine of kid's storage clearance items.  I couldn't believe that most of the items were under $3!!  I was so excited it took a lot for me not to yell across the store for my co-worker to come over and check out these amazing deals.  She had suggested Target so she could purchase some candy and small toys to make up Valentine's Day gift bags for her kiddos.  I was along for the ride and aimlessly browsing until I came across this mecca of great deals.

I focused my attention to the storage items that could work for Dean's room to organize the new toys and Christmas gifts he received.  You might be thinking why am I doing this in February, but cleaning and organization is not something I enjoy and often procrastinate doing.  When I got back to work, I experienced buyer's remorse that I wasn't more forward thinking and grabbed some extra bins that I could use in Faith's room.  I mean, $2-3!!  The worst part - none of these items are on sale on +Target website - so I'll have to make another trek back (this will be a real hardship on my part ;)).

Current Storage Situation 

Having kids, you realize you can never have enough storage.  For Faith's second Christmas, we invested in a toy organizer.  The one pictured below is the option we bought at Toys R Us and I think it looks nice, lots of storage, and a great price.

Image via Toys R Us

During that time, we had the front half of our basement finished and dedicated one side as a toy room.  To make it nice and cozy for Faith, we bought this matching kids table and chair set. 
Image via Toys R Us

When we continued to accumulate toys and books, I added this storage cubicle, which I found on a different impromptu Target visit, also on clearance for $30.

Image via Target

Use of New Storage Items

I'm going to make use of my long weekend and take the extra day to declutter our living room, Dean's room and the basement.  I can use my new storage bins to put toys away as well as use this time to assess Faith's toys and see if we can get rid of and donate some items.  I'll follow up with a later post featuring pictures of the kid's toy room with old and new storage items.

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Love, Candace Jean

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