Retreat in Black

Sorry for the sparse posting this weekend; I had Monday off, which resulted in me not showering, not leaving the house and chilling with Faith all day. Today and tomorrow I have a work retreat so I had to wear a business casual outfit with a bit more emphasis on business to look nice. I can't really say look more professional as I still wore jeans. I am once again wearing my black Rich & Skinny jeans with a structured cream top I bought two summers ago at Banana Republic. The shirt is made out a great thick stretchy material with lined seams and a back exposed gold zipper. This was paired with my Tory Burch riding boots. I didn't get a chance to take pictures until I got home from work, so please excuse the toilet background.

Structured Up Top
Other structured off-white tops
Structure up top

And because I love this little face so much, I thought I'd throw in a few pics of Faith. In the top two photos, she is wearing a pink Old Navy bodysuit and white leggings. (Keep in mind- black leggings not appropriate for crawling babies with two shedding white haired drives me crazy.) In the bottom two photos, she is wearing a Baby GAP Outlet sweater.

Peplum Sweaters
Baby Girl Peplum Sweaters

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