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Balancing a long commute, a baby, and work makes it really tough to find time for fitness. Two days a week I'm lucky to fit in 30 minutes for a work out. Two days a week Mark drops Faith off with Mandy for day care and I get (if I can get my act together and get my *ss out of bed) 1.5 hours at the gym. I really wish I had that kind of time everyday. These two days a week luckily coincide with my gym's BodyPump classes. I don't know if any of you take LES MILLS classes, but if you don't, you should check them out- they are AMAZING! They're a New Zealand based fitness group that has developed a series of classes based around group fitness. Classes are modeled after weight training, yoga, core strength, cycling classes, etc.

Image via LES MILLS site

Every 8-12 weeks they have a new release, which means you have new songs & new choreography. I've had the chance to take BodyPump and BodyJam. BodyPump is a strength conditioning class that does every major muscle group and by the end of 55 minute class, you've done 800 reps! It's great- I burn at least 300 calories a class and get in my strength conditioning for the week. It's so nice having an instructor motivating you rather than trying to do weights on your own in the women's section of the gym. And the great part about it too is that it's either holding free weights or weight is stacked on a bar so you're using your body's own resistance. The other class, BodyJam, is a dance class. Personally, I think it's even better than Zumba. Rather than a set of 10 different routines, it builds on a set of dance steps so you can get better and better at the choreography. I danced from when I was 3 up until I graduated from college, so I really enjoy these types of classes. Anyone have any personal recommendations for morning workout routines? I could use some suggestions for when I only have 30 minutes.

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