Wedding Inspiration: Flower Girls & Flowers

When I initially started to look at bridesmaid dresses, I had to consider flower girl dresses as well and came across this gorgeous picture.

The minute I viewed this picture I fell in love with the tulle skirt, laced up back, and bow at the waist.  From there I become fixated on trying to find dresses with tulle skirts and a laced up back.  Looking on Pinterest more, I found a dress that had a laced back as well as being laced up and I decided that's what I want for my niece Lena.

My idea is to have my niece in a gorgeous blush pink to match her mom whose the MOH and then be followed by bridesmaids in gray; I can totally see it in my mind and they will all look amazing.  However, I don't want to cheat my niece of the experience of trying on these beautiful, frilly, girly dresses, especially since she's a huge fan of princesses and dress up.  I'm thinking that my sister and I can take her to Nordstroms and let her try on some of their girl special occasion dresses to make sure she 1) likes the dress style I have in mind and 2) has an opportunity to feel like a princess before the wedding day occurs.  One brand carried at Nordstrom's is US Angels and this one is looks adorable.

Image via Pinterest, buy here US Angels

What I'm envisioning as all my ladies head down the aisle.

Images pulled together from Pinterest flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses boards

I can't talk about flower girl dresses without discussing flowers.  I like the idea of light pink, magenta, and white as it will look great with blush and gray.

Image via Pinterest flowers board
That's next on my wedding to do list- find a good florist!  Hope you all had a good week!  I'm heading out to meet with a wedding photographer.

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