These Boots Are Made for Walking...AND SHE CAN!

Mark and I finally ordered Faith a pair of snow boots by Bogs and they are adorable.  Even though we waited a bit late, I think she'll still get a lot of wear out of them and they will serve as rain boots too since they are waterproof.  And...Faith is WALKING!  She started to really gain confidence and start walking two weeks ago and now will cross the entire length of the room.  In a few of the pics I took of her she is walking in her new boots.

Faith's OOTD

Outfit:  Sweater - Cherokee +Target , buy here / Pants - Navy blue cords +Gap, options here and here / Boots - Bogs Kids Baby Camo boot, buy here

For my friend Jill reading this- the toy in the last two pictures is the toy that incites a mini freak out.  This Melissa & Doug toy can cause Miss Faith to get enraged when she can't fit the wooden blocks into the holes, which can happen pretty frequently.  When this occurs, she shrieks at the top of her lungs, clenches her fists, tenses her whole upper body and then shakes in anger.  I am totally screwed...she has a really bad temper on her.  I found this toy +T.J.Maxx right before Christmas.  Also, the cup is great - it's a mini Tupperware container with a collapsible middle so she can stick her hand in and grab snacks.  It's the Munckin snack catcher; buy here.  I would really recommend any of Munchkin products.


Outfit Details:  Cardigan - J. Crew Outlet (few years ago) / Scarf - GAP, cute penguin pattern here / Shirt - Zara / Jeans - Rich & Skinny Legacy Jeans +T.J.Maxx / Boots - Tory Burch outlet

I got the t-shirt from Zara two falls ago as it reminded me of the Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt, which was all the rage at the time.  A few cute options:  1) Kenzo tiger tank 2) Nasty Gal tiger tank 2) CatWorld short sleeve tiger print t-shirt

Kenzo Tiger embroidered sweatshirt

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