Weekend Finish

This morning Faith and I ran a few errands to get out of the house for a little bit and found her a trio of cute headbands at Target.  Now that she's her own independent mobile person, I realize that everyone was right- it's waay easier when they can't walk.  It's just less embarrassing when you put them down and they're on 2 legs rather than crawling.  After giving her a few minutes to explore, I had to put her in the carriage.  Shopping has ceased to be an enjoyable activity - fingers crossed it will be better in 10-15 years...

My Outfit

My Outfit:  Cardigan - +J.Crew  / Shirt - +H&M  / Jeans - J Brand Aidan Boyfriend jeans +T.J.Maxx  / Sneakers - Earthkeepers by Timberland +T.J.Maxx

Faith's Outfit

Faith's Outfit:  Sweater - Baby GAP Outlet / Bootcut Jeans - Baby GAP Outlet / Polka dot headband - +Target by Cherokee buy here / Boots - Zara Kids / Jacket - Old Navy


To switch up my cardio workouts, I took advantage of nap time and the warmer weather we're experiencing in Boston to go out for a run.  Most of the snow had melted to provide me with a clear path on the sidewalks so I didn't break my neck or have to run in the street.  By running for 25 minutes with a 5 minute walk as a cool down, I was able to burn over 300 calories.

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