Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Sometimes packing the gym bag can go awry.  I had only packed half of my clothes for the gym last night since I was too lazy to head downstairs and dig the other half of the clothing items from the dryer.  I have mentioned how much I HATE folding clothes...Anyway, I grabbed my undergarments and socks, dug out some workout clothes and headed out the door.  As I was showering, I thought to myself- "Candace, did you forget a bra and grab an extra pair of underwear?"  No that can't be right, I wouldn't do that...oh wait, I DID!  In addition to that snafu, my gym's locker room is in the basement and hot as hades all the time, which is extremely unfortunate after working out and showering, when you just want to feel clean and not continue to feel sweat trickling down your body.  I find myself sweating and struggling to pull my jeans on, which required a battle getting up over my *ss since I haven't worn them since washing them.  As I battled with the denim and sweated profusely (now partly in embarrassment) , I went to the bathroom to pray that I didn't have an extreme muffin top going on.  Last, I had to put back on my disgusting, sweaty sports bra as going braless at work was not an option.  Overall, my outfit wasn't too bad and my scarf helped hide the large, magenta straps.  All day I would get occasional whiffs of my sports bra...not a nice smell!  Thankfully forgetting a bra is not something I do often.

My Outfit:  Sweater - James Perse +T.J.Maxx $25 / Jeans - Levi's Demi Curve Bootcut / Boots - B.O.C. lacy booties, buy here / Scarf - crafts fair gift

Faith's OOTD

Faith's Outfit:  Cords - Baby GAP / Bodysuit - H&M, buy here / Fringe booties - Zara kids / Headband - part of Cherokee trio pack, buy here

Similar bootie
Image via Zappos, Nine West Spice Boot, buy here

I believe I mentioned this before, but the Munchkin snack catcher is awesome!  You can buy them here.  It's great because Faith can snack on the go and not leave presents for us to find all over the house.  And her cup is Boon swig sip cup (here), which I also really like as it doesn't leak.  

Daily Workout

Completed the body builder for upper body from Bikini Body Mommy Day 8 workout challenge, found here.  This is a 10 minute continuous upper body workout.  After getting my heart rate up, I did 20 minutes on the Stairmaster.  Short workout today, but glad that I got something in!

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