How I'm Hopefully Going to Design Christening Invitations

My son will be christened on the third week in April, a few days shy of 11 months old.  We waited this long with Faith as well.  Her baptism happened at 10 months and it worked out well as we did a combined christening/house warming party.  I've been debating the timing of Dean's christening since the fall of last year; however, I don't do well with having a lot going on and I had committed to being in a friend's wedding (which happened this past weekend).  Between the bridal shower and Christmas, I knew it made the most sense to have the christening early in 2016.  I had not planned on it being as late as April, but I didn't take into account Lent and Easter.  Bad Catholic - I know!  I am worried that Dean's mobility will be an issue, but thankfully I'll have my brother and Mark's sister (his godparents) to keep him occupied for the hour ceremony.  Dean is a pretty chill and happy baby -  only downsides with him - 1) he gets into everything 2) he puts everything in his mouth 3) he hardly ever sleeps past 6:15AM.  This endeavor is usually helped if we play a repeat version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on one of our cell phones and put it on his dresser (when his first wake up happens at 5AM).


Now that we have a date and venue selected, I need to get my invitations in order and sent out.  In viewing my options, I've been browsing Pinterest, Target, and Shutterfly for ideas.  A few that I like are below.  As you can see, I like a simplistic design with a small cross.  The small cross is a good indicator of the type of invitation a person is receiving before they've read the details of the invite.  The second element I like is incorporating a picture of your little one.

  1. Little Dove Invitation on Minted
  2. Bookmark Invitation on Minted
  3. Doodlebug and Peep on Etsy
  4. Target Portrait
  5. Baroque Navy on Shutterfly 

If I can design my own, I can really save myself some money.  I love the designs out there, but most cost $2.50 an invitation.  Target was having a special on double sided 5 x 7 prints for $0.59.  I need to take some pictures of Dean dressed up in the morning before he has food all over his face, hands, or hair.  Then I can use Canva or another design program to put together the invite.  Wish me luck!

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Love, Candace Jean

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