2 Project Updates - Invitations & Book Themed Baby Shower


I had explored invitations options in my previous post.  From my search, I knew that I wanted a picture of Dean incorporated in my invitations so I made him participate in an impromptu photo shoot Friday morning.  Here a few pics that I think are cute that didn't make the cut.  I didn't think green and blue striped velour pjs went with the look I was going for.

For the design, I did a variation of the invite I liked from Minted.

Image via Minted

I did the invite using Canva.  I found it recommended on the blog Snippets of Inspiration with a post she did on 6 things used for her blog posts to increase blog traffic.  I'm so glad I tried it out - I really like this program.  I made a two page design so I can make use of double sided print out and put RSVP information on the back.  I think the invite would have been two crowded with text otherwise (only featuring the front side).


My table

The book themed tables came out great (review of the baby shower theme in this post)!  The shower was hugely successful and they received most of the items on their registry.  I thought my table came out ok.  I didn't find out until I got there that confetti wasn't allowed which ruined my star piece.  Good fortune had it that the water glasses matched my color theme so it made up for my foiled attempts to create a starry night with the blue table cloth and stars.  Saturday was an epic search at the mall for a polar bear.  We finally found one in Papyrus for 70% off!!!  If I didn't find that bear I was either going to have to use a beanie baby seal or KISS polar bear I saw at Newbury Comics.  That's how desperate the situation was before Mark's keen eye spotted the polar bear in Papyrus store.  Below are links to my other purchases.  My overall material cost was $20.

  1. On The Night You Were Born
  2. Joann Fabrics - Daisies & Silver mercury decorative jar
  3. Joann Fabrics - Ladybug buttons
  4. Joann Fabrics - Feather cardinal
Love, Candace Jean

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