17 Things to Carry in Your Vacation Purse

This a guest post feature by Jessica of Home Life Blog.

The first thing I think of when I hear the word vacation is packing.  We can get so caught up trying to fit the comforts of our life into a small bag and checking those lists to make sure everything is accounted for.  Though we might remember to pack those extra underwear, there's one thing that usually gets over looked when it comes to packing and that is your purse.  

Getting your purse ready for a trip is as important as your travel bag.  Your purse holds the items you will have accessible at all times and the one bag you will more than likely take with you everywhere you go on your trip.  

Here are a few things I like to pack in my purse to have handy on a trip and a few extra tips for keeping everything organized!

What To Pack In Your Vacation Purse
  1. 1. Phone
  2. 2. Headphones
  3. 3. Wallet & Money
  4. 4. Important Information (passports, reservations, tickets, etc.) 
  5. 5. Umbrella
  6. 6. Book
  7. 7. Pen & Notepad
  8. 8. Water
  9. 9. Wipes
  10. 10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. 11. Sunglasses
  12. 12. Hand Cream
  13. 13. Lip Balm
  14. 14. Hair Tie
  15. 15. Tissues
  16. 16. Snacks
  17. 17. Portable Charger

How To Keep It All Organized
I keep all my important information in a clear zip pouch.  This makes it easy to have all your important information (passports, reservations, tickets, maps, etc.) all in one place and find exactly what is needed.  
Small pouches come in handy to hold like items together.  In the gold pouch I have my sunglasses, headphones, pen, notepad, portable charger and snacks.  The polka dotted pouch holds my hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, hair ties and tissues.  This makes it a lot easier to find something in my purse...especially if my purse is big.

I usually keep a full package of wipes in my purse.  This might sound crazy but you will be surprised how many times they have come in handy!  It seems my daughter is always getting dirty in random places where there's no sinks.  Having the wipes make it easy to clean her hands, face, shirt, tables, chairs, spills and much more!

Technology has come so far in the past few years!  It's so easy to have everything in one place which can help you keep things more organized in your purse!  Your phone or tablet can become a computer, tv, radio or book.  Use these technologies to your advantage next time you are packing for a trip.  

My portable charger is a real life saver!  If you have not purchased one yet I would do so immediately!  I simply charge it before a trip and have it handy whenever I need to charge my phone. The best part is I don't have to be looking for an outlet!  I can keep my phone in my purse and still have it charging!  

**Bonus tip...Bandaids are also a great thing to have in your purse.  I usually carry a couple of them with some ointment in case we need one.

I hope you found these tips helpful!  Having all the essentials in an easy to access place (like your purse) can make things so much easier on a trip!

What sort of things do you carry in your vacation purse? 

Thanks so much to Jess for providing a guest post today.  You can find more of her great organizational tips on Home Life Blog.

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