Below is a review of my monthly goals that I put together two months ago when I posted on my 2016 blogging goals.


1.  Double my traffic based on number of views as tracked by Blogger
  • Accumulate 3,000 views per month 
2.  Increase my Twitter following by accumulating 3K followers
  • Accumulate 225 followers per month
3.  Increase my Pinterest following by accumulating 300 followers
  • Accumulate 25 followers per month
4.  Increase my Instagram following by accumulating 10K followers
  • Accumulate 833 followers per month
5.  Increase my Bloglovin following by accumulating 100 followers
  • Accumulate 8-9 followers per month


I knew this month in review was going to be a bit abysmal.  I wasn't able to post as frequently as I wanted to due to all the May events (recital, first birthday, Nashville trip - 3 weekends in a row!), throw in a teething baby and finish off with a horrible feels like it will never go away cold (which I proceeded to give to everyone in the family) and I suffered a bit of a slump.  Instead of focusing on my blog content, I used my free time to do some reading instead to counteract the stress from everything going on.  


My page views took quite a drop not just due to my fewer number of posts.  I have also been lackadaisical in joining linkup parties, which helps drive a lot of traffic to my blog.  I still haven't been too consistent in my approach and really need to get on a blog schedule ASAP.  I did put together a writing content schedule in April, but I'm pretty sure I only planned that out until June.  So back to the calendar and planning out my writing as well as my promotional time.


Without new content to promote and linkup parties that I was participating in, I still have not actively engaged in Twitter as much as I want.  Similar to working on my blogging calendar, I need to work on putting together some more stuff into Hootsuite scheduler.  I also need to put time in my calendar for 15-20 minutes on Twitter to view what people are sharing so I can like and retweet it.  Just being active on Twitter drives other users to find and follow you.  That's how I build up most of my following.  It's a lot easier to follow someone back if you like their content or they have similar interests rather than the opposite approach.  Finding new people to follow, then going back using Crowdfire a few days or week later, finding that they haven't followed you back and then unfollowing them.  


As you can see, my Pinterest following exceeded my planned monthly growth and has been growing pretty steadily over the past month.  I attribute that to the strategy I adapted last month, which I discussed in Review of April post.  


I have been slacking on Instagram BIG TIME!  I have not been posting regularly, so I haven't been driving new followings of my account.  As I mentioned in last month's post, when I start focusing on one social media, I have a tendency to focus on that to the exclusion of others.  I think I just need to put time in my calendar for posting and spending time to comment on people's accounts I follow.


I was lucky enough to jump in and become a co-host for Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.  Since there are 16 sites hosting the linkup party (including mine), there are a ton of submissions, but really, really great content and the chance to reach a larger audience.  I think most weeks there are 600+ submissions to the linkup party, which is pretty awesome.  Sinea, over at Ducks 'n a Row, organizes it and does an amazing job. I'm sure you'll find this piece of wisdom again and again, but being a regular visitor to blogs you like and commenting on their posts really helps to build and grow your community.  By helping to co-host this linkup party, I've gone through even more submissions and reading more posts, tweeting content, commenting, and most importantly connecting with more bloggers.  It's amazing the amount of great content out there.

I would love for you to share strategies, tips, and pointers that you've learned that have helped increase your following and audience.  What social media platform are you having the most success with?  

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