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As I mentioned in last week's post discussing birthday venues, we're going to do My Little Pony themed party.  I'm also sad to report that my wonderful vision of hayrides and pumpkin picking is not to be.  Mark and I brought up venue ideas to Faith and she wants to be in a bouncy house for her birthday.  I revisited all of the local indoor play centers and Kidz Wurld is still the best bang for our buck.  It's a no brainer for us to host it there again since we know how it works there and had a great birthday experience last year.


Kidz Wurld provides you with free invitations to send out, BUT, they are a set design of an alien and planets, which doesn't jive with My Little Pony.  Last year, our birthday theme was Superheroes and I had invitations designed around a superhero mask that I liked.  Since I've discovered the amazing and free Canva program, I decided to create my own. 

My Little Pony Themed Birthday Invitation

Faith's favorite My Little Pony is Miss Rainbow Dash, which is makes my birthday theme really easy to pull off.  I found a free JPG of Rainbow Dash and cloud vectors on Pixaby to bring together my birthday invitation design.  Both set of images were uploaded into Canva and placed onto Invitation (portrait 5" x 7") design.  I used Pacifico font in the clouds and Aleo font for the main invite information.  To utilize sayings and My Little Pony info, I used Rainbow Dash's saying "Omigoshomigoshomigosh" and referenced the Cutey Mark Crusaders.


If you'd like to create your own My Little Pony / Rainbow Dash themed invites, you can download the free printable here (similar to image below without watermark).  In the folder, I also included Rainbow Dash jpg and cloud vector if you want to to do a different format.  Simply upload the image into Canva and fill in the information by adding text boxes to the graphic.  As you can see, I made my text boxes in different colors to reflect the colors in a rainbow (I avoided yellow due to the white background).

What programs or software do you use to design invitations?  Do you design your own invites or order them online?  If you order online, do you have a favorite site or vendor?

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