The Pinterest Game #55

Thursdays 9PM - Saturday 9AM EST

The Pinterest Game - Linkup Party

How The Game Works - Summer Edition

Since the game traffic has slowed down a lot (due to summer and a new host), we are running 1 game until pin submission picks back up. Below you can submit your pins and hopefully get selected for the following week’s feature pins (increasing your pin(s) visibility on Pinterest)

After you've re-pinned the 5 features, you participate in the linkup party by submitting your pins through their URL.  To find the URL, click on your Pinterest pin and copy the address that comes up in your browser.  

The pin's URL will look something like this:  

Linkup Party Rules

1. Link up to 3 pins (not blog posts, find URL by clicking on Pinterest pin and copy the address that comes up in your browser).

2. Pins should be from your blog content & family friendly posts.  Please do not share pins that you've included in the past 3 Pinterest Games.  

3. Re-pin features to any of your Pinterest boards.  If you’re not sure where to put a feature, it helps to create a Miscellaneous board for sorting purposes afterward.

4. Follow your host and co-hosts on Pinterest (and any other social media - links below).

5. Include The Pinterest Game badge on your blog post OR feature the badge on a linkup party page with a link to your party page on your blog post.  (Code underneath badge - grab that and include it on your post, your party page, or your blog sidebar).

Grab button for The Pinterest Game
<div class="The-Pinterest-Game-button" style="width: 150px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="Musings by Candace Jean" width="150" height="150" /> </a> </div>

If you've won, head to my Pinterest Game page to grab winner's badge.

Meet Your Host & Co-Hosts

Host - Candace at Musings by Candace Jean

Co-Host  - Kellie at Pins in a Nutshell

Facebook Twitter Pinterest / StumbleUpon

Co-Host - Charlotte at The Mummy Toolbox

Note - we're looking for more co-hosts, contact me at if you're interested

Benefits of Linkup Party

Let's work at getting it back! Pinterest rewards pinners who promote and interact with other pinners.  Every pin submitted to this game will get pinned at least once.  Winners will be FEATURED the next week. To be FEATURED means that your pin will be one of the Pins that everyone has to re-pin. How good is that! When your pins have re-pins and comments, it is like sending Pinterest a message that you are popular and then Pinterest promotes you to others so they may pin or follow you.  Finally, Pinterest brings traffic to your Blog. It's a win win game!

If you want to get reminders to start pinning and join in, sign up for the Pinterest Game mailing list.

Let's Get Pinning!


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