We're back with #FridayFeeling Halloween Edition.  Are you starting to think about the holiday and what your kiddos will dress up as?  Below are some affordable costume ideas that could be matching mommy & me costumes.  For a majority of these costumes, you could use everyday clothing or buy wardrobe staples as the costume base that your child can wear again.  I'd like to do a follow up post on daddy & me costumes that could extend into a full family theme.  I was going to do it as one big post and majorily ran out of time (maybe because I was fixated on boots yesterday).

Mommy & Me Costume

1.  Witch

Spend $10 on accessories and invest in a black dress that you can wear for other ocassions.

Mommy & Me Witch Costumes

Mommy & Me Witch Costumes by mbcandacejean featuring cotton dresses

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //

Throw on some knee high socks to liven up your look more.

2. Little Red Riding Hood

Mommy & Me Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

My Mommy outfit totals under $75; girls' outfit totals $38.  My thought with the men's blanket scarf - it would be large enough to drape over your head to serve as the hood.  Rather than buying a red cape (I found a couple on Etsy under $50) that you might not wear again, buy a blanket scarf that you'll get plenty of wear out of and it's only $22!  The red sweater cape by Target's Genuine Kids Oshkosh line is so stinking cute.  I have it on good authority my mom got this as a birthday present for Faith and I'm pretty excited to see it on her.

3.  Dorothy

Mommy & Me Dorothy Costumes

Mommy & Me Dorothy Costumes by mbcandacejean featuring red sneakers

// 1 - $34.50, 25% off SHOPNOW // 2 - $7 // 3 - $9.99  // 4 - $15.99 //  5 - $42, extra 15% off // 6 - $29.95 //

The only thing that I don't see as a practical investment are the glittery ruby red shoes.  But, at $30 that's not too shabby in terms of a price tag on extraneous stuff you'll never use again.  Although you could both totally rock your ruby red glittery shoes during the holidays.

4. Princess / Queen / Lady

Mommy & Me Princess Costumes

Mommy & Me Princess Costumes by mbcandacejean featuring lovers friends dresses

// 1 - $10 // 2 - $5 // 3 - $49 // 4 - $19.99 // 5 - $37, 40% off site // 6 - $19.99 //

These dresses and headband are a bit of a stretch for us moms, BUT, if you plan on going to King Richard's fair for family fun (check out this post), then you could totally reuse it.  The dresses are a bit racier than I'd normally wear, but I think I could totally rock the black lacy number at a wedding.  Now if someone could get married, I've totally justified it.

For the little girls' dress up, the Belle princess dress is already in Faith's closet (you saw her in it here) so it would cost me $5 to complete her costume.  The second dress option she'd love since it's a rainbow dress.

5. Hogwarts wizard

Mommy & Me Hogwarts Wizard Costumes

Mommy & Me Hogwarts Wizard Costumes by mbcandacejean on Polyvore

// 1 - $16.99 for all 4 // 2 - $3.99 // 3 - $16.99// 4 - $21.99 //

So this is the only costume that doesn't involve buying some clothing staple.  But you can get the Hogwarts wizard accessories you need for under $30.  Then you can wear whatever you feel like underneath as long as it's white top and black bottoms.

What are your go to costumes for Halloween?  Do you already have your Halloween costumes planned?

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