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I've recently discovered Stephanie's blog Wife Mommy Me through Tuesday Talk linkup party.  She and her fellow co-hosts do a monthly feature on the second Wednesday of each month called The Kids Behind The Blog.  In the August feature, the questions for September TKBTB were posted.  Over the past few days, I've been trying to get some answers from Faith so I sneak them during breakfast and right before bedtime.  Below are September's prompts nad Faith's answers.

Back to School Picture
Image by Target Portrait Studios


1. What is your favorite sport?  Why?

"Football.  Because I love swinging the bat."  Me - "That's baseball.  Do you like baseball?"  "I like both."

2.  If someone gave you a million dollars what would you buy?

"My favorite toy - Shopkins legos."  I thought she was making this up, but apparently Faith knows better and we need to buy this for her since her birthday is next week.  

3.  Tell me three things that kids do better than mommies and daddies.

"Coloring.  Building.  Painting."  I initially asked her about what kids do better than mommies and daddies but she didn't respond.  So I snuck this in while I was tucking her in and rephrased it as adults.

4.  What is your favorite thing to do in the fall?

"I like waterslides."  Faith thought I was talking about things falling.  I then asked her what she liked about this month and then asked her what was her favorite - pumpkins, apples, Halloween.  "Pumpkins."

5.  Share with me three things you like about yourself.

"Lips."  "Cheeks."  "Eyebrows."  My personal favorites are her eyes and personality.  Never met a friendlier except on the rare ocassion.


Since I've been doing a monthly Dean Does Lately, I haven't shared as much about Faith.  We've had 2 big milestones and firsts in her life this fall - 1) starting preschool 2) starting a sport.  This year Faith is attending a Montessori school in our area.  We had gone back and forth as to whether or not to keep her in her familiar environment and wait until next year, the year before kindergarten or start now.  Faith is a September baby so she has a whole extra year we had to figure out.  We ultimately made the decision to put her in a preschool program now because she was no longer going to benefit from being with older children.  Everyone else older than her was moving on so we decided it was best for her to move on as well.  I know that she is really going to miss her Mimi time and Mandy's house, but I think she's really going to like school as well.  This week is the phasing in week.  Below is Faith on her first day of school (wearing her Target outfit that I picked for Back to School photos in this post)

First Day of School Picture

First Day of School Picture

First Day of School Picture
Cat & Jack jacket, Genuine Kids Cabin Print dress, Skip Hop unicorn backpack, Similar Nina ballet flats
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This past weekend, Faith also started soccer.  I would say it was partly a success and hopefully this next weekend goes even better.  She did the practice/skills stuff, but chose to mutiny on the sidelines for the scrimmage.  Once it ended, she started to cry, saying she wanted to play (it takes her awhile to warm up to stuff).  We assured her she'd have an opportunity this upcoming weekend.  How cute is she in her tiny little cleats?

First Soccer Game - Cleats & Shinpads

First Soccer Practice

Hope you liked this month's TKBTB and if you have kiddos and want to participate, head over to Wife Mommy Me for details.

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