Series of Unfortunate Events

As I mentioned previously, I get up extremely early in the morning in order to try and keep up my fitness.  1) It gives me an early morning energy boost 2) Once you hit you're 30s, you have to in order to not gain excessive amounts of weight 3) It allows me to sneak in some bad foods.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch so I could barely rouse myself to get upstairs to sleep in bed.  This means not putting together a gym bag, which sets me back by 10 minutes in the morning.   I managed to get Faith and I to Mark's moms by 5:55.  After chatting with Ruthie for 15 minutes, I left at 6:05...ugh!  If I get on the road after 6AM, it takes over an hour to get to Cambridge.  In my infinite wisdom, I decide to take the commuter rail, which allows me to do some work & answer emails.  When I get to the train, I realize I forgot to grab my winter jacket.  Oh well, I can just wait in my car until the train comes at 6:37.  I hop out of my car at 6:35 and head up to the platform, wearing capri workout pants, sneakers, a hoodie, and scarf in 20 degree weather.  After waiting several minutes, I read the bulletin sign and see that the train is 30 minutes behind and the train will not be at the stop for another 17 minutes!  At that point, I just wanted to get back in my car, head home, and email my boss to tell her I wouldn't be in.  These types of days are the worst!  And I didn't get in any gym time.  Hoping to try out a new gym tonight so that'll give me the calorie burning I need to make up for the oreo cookies I consumed last night.

With such a cluster of a morning, I'm glad I opted for comfy and casual when assembling today's outfit (oh wait, I do that every morning).

My Outfit:  Sweatshirt- H&M / Jeans- Rag & Bone/Jean / Boots- Arturo Chiang Everly Boot
Skull sweatshirt options here, here, and here

For Sunday food shopping, threw on yet another casual outfit featuring a James Perse shirt and American Eagle ankle boots I picked up at T.J. Maxx last year.  The AE ankle boots round out my collection of flat ankle boots with one in tan, luggage, and black.  These ones are my favorite and were only $20.

Sunday's Outfit:  Shirt- James Perse relaxed casual v long sleeve shirt / Jeans- Rich & Skinny / Boots- American Eagle (all T.J. Maxx for $24.99, $59.99, & $19.99)
James Perse shirt here in white, black, navy or nude, Bed Stu for AE- get 40% with code 50F13311

 Image via AE

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