Black & Blue

This morning went a lot smoother than yesterday and I even got in some gym time.  My body is thanking me as I definitely more energized.  I've been working to get my heart rate in 180s to target my 85% max heart rate (I'm 32 so the target would be 188) as it helps to burn more body fat. To get in cardio, I mostly run and to get my heart rate in 180s, I usually have to run for at least 10 minutes before I can get it into 170s and then increase my normal run pace to get into 180s.  If you're a beginner runner or an advanced runner (in terms of mileage) this may be different.  I typically try and run at least 6 miles a week; optimally 10.

To vary my cardio up, I usually do intervals to help pass the time.  Ways that I do this include running at my normal pace or half minute below that pace for 1-2 minutes and then run at a minute or minute and a half above my normal pace for at least 1 minute.  This  helps me to run that extra mile that I don't want to do the mornings I struggle to keep going.  That and watch sports clips from ESPN SC helps to pass the time.  The other running program I'll opt for is Random selection on the treadmill.  You pick one pace but it varies the incline based on the level you select.  Does anyone have any good tips on staying motivated to do cardio?  Running is such a mental game that it helps to vary it up.

Today is my last day at work before Thanksgiving break; tomorrow I'm working from home.  I choose my Express leggings and varied it up with a cardigan layered over a denim shirt.  I will only wear this denim shirt with non blue denim or leggings as I refuse to wear a Canadian tuxedo (no offense to you Canadians out there).  This time I took some pics in the lab rather than by my cubicle.  With all the clutter, I constantly have to crop out various items and then the pics look horrible and grainy.  This could also be the result of me still using my broken iPhone to take pictures.  I'd appreciate it if people could also suggest their favorite cameras for taking nice, high quality pictures.

My Outfit:  Jacket - Kensie / Bag - Cole Haan Genevieve Large Denny tote / Cardigan - Banana Republic, plenty of great options here / Shirt - H&M, options here, here, and here / Leggings - Express / Boots - Tory Burch

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