It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As I've told you all previously I am very much a procrastinator. Part of it ties into me being a bit absent minded, part of it has to do with my dislike of confrontation, and part of it is my personality make up. I'm learning now that I have a child that I need to curb these tendencies and be more proactive. If I want to create tangible memories for Faith and our family, I need to capture these moments as they only happen once.  In this case I wanted to get Christmas photos done and send out cards. I have never done this for friends and family previously, but I figured this provides everyone with a nice holiday memento of Faith, especially for those who don't get to see her often. I have been going back and forth for a while now to drag Mark along with Faith to a local photography place and get family photos done; however, a groupon came to my inbox for portraits at Target and it was $25!  Couldn't pass up a great opportunity like that.  I'm still thinking that the family photo session needs to happen.  

I purchased the groupon 2 weeks ago but couldn't get the pictures done right away since we had back to back birthday parties that weekend proceeding my groupon purchase so I thought that I'd get them done the following weekend.  Which looking back now, I should have realized that would only give me roughly 2 weeks to Christmas to get the pictures done, cards ordered, and then sent out. I really hope to learn from these things (we'll see) as I'm now working with a tight timeline.  As I went to sign up I realized that even signing up for a time I should have done a few days beforehand and then was stuck taking her Monday afternoon.  Fingers crossed that these make it to people right before Christmas day.  Below are the three pictures that I had burned to a CD. 

I think the pictures came out pretty good, especially as it was $25! The $25 gave me the sitting, 20 picture album to choose from online to order additional products, 2 5 x 7 portrait sheets (totaling 4 pics, making great grandparent gifts), and a 3 image CD.  I also purchased 48 christmas cards with the top image and 2 5 x 7 photographs of the two of us for $45!  Thank you Target.

A few additional commentary: 1) The mark above her eye is the result of her playing with her dad's guitar again. She tried grabbing it off the stand, she fell over and the guitar fell on top of her.  This happened ~1 hour before we left for the sitting.  2) She was not a fan of the flash so she kept frowning as the pictures were taken making her appear as though she was growling and/or frowning in a lot of the pics. 3) In the pic of the two of us, we started to get her to smile and get excited by playing peek a boo. She would throw her arms out clench her whole upper body and yell boo at the top of her lungs. Hey whatever works right?

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