Wedding Inspiration: Bridesmaid Dresses

Today has been awesome!  I've been relaxing on the couch and taking the time to catch up on reading missed blog posts, commenting on said blog posts, and looking through T.J. Maxx's tweets.  Faith is currently napping and somehow doing this through drilling & hammering going on down in the basement.  She must have been really tired.

In addition to catching up on my various social media outlets, I have been pinning away to determine what I like for bridesmaids dresses (Pinterest board).  I know that I like grey and blush and those will probably be the main colors for the wedding with one or two additional accent colors.  Based on that, I'd like my bridesmaids in grey or blush or a combo of the two colors.  In addition, I like the element of mixed dress styles.  Below is a collage featuring bridal party pics I found showcasing my preferred colors and/or the mixed bridesmaid dress styles.

I've included a close up of the top right corner picture so you can see the bouquets.  I love how the bouquet is a mix of light and dark blossoms, with the dark flower being a great accent to the pastel dresses.

Image via 100LayerCake
My bridesmaids and I are going the day after Christmas to go dress shopping for my ladies.  I'd like to find bridesmaids dresses that are knee length and in chiffon material.  I'm hoping that everyone will find a style they like within these two parameters.  Then they can have the option to buy a dress there, through a department store or online retailer.  I've found lots of nice options on Etsy that look nice and are very afforable (under $100)!  I want each of my ladies to look good and feel comfortable, which is why I really like the idea of the mixed styles as I know each of us like different fits and bust styles.  Can't wait to hang with my girls!

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