Let's Get It Started

 I'm somewhat starting in the middle of my fitness challenge as on Day 5, but as yesterday's post indicated better later than never.

Workout Strategy

Lately it's been tough to get to the gym and have a quality work out due to time constraints, plus with the long weekend and my gym in Cambridge, I don't make it there on the weekends.  I started to do my workouts at home.

Good resources

Bikini Body Mommy blog - this site is great and inspirational.  Briana, the founder and fellow mom blogger, initiates 90 day workout challenges.  Although she started her workout challenge in the beginning of January, you can find the beginning of the series in her archives and she has a youtube channel so you can do the exercises with her! Channel link here

In addition to her site, I've found some great cardio dance workouts and cardio kickboxing on youtube as well.  My aim was to find 20-30 minute workouts to supplement running and the Stairmaster when I can't get to the gym.  See links below:
  • Jillian Michaels kickbox workout / length - 25 minutes

  • Denise Austin kickbox workout / length - 22 minutes

  • Tracey Mallet FuseDance Cardio Melt Workout- Interval Fat Burn workout / length - 32 minutes


The first thing I recommend is tracking your daily caloric intake.  I use My Fitness Pal, which is really easy to use app.  It allows you to record food and exercise as well has a barcode scan functionality if you can't find the food you're searching for.

I am attempting to eat smaller meals, between 200-300 calories with snacks in between.  To do this, I've mostly been having grilled chicken and vegetables, which I like, but do require a lot of prep as we can't really grill and I'm cooking it in the skillet.  For vegetables, I've been roasting them in the oven with olive oil seasoned with salt & pepper.

Day's Fitness Regimen

Strength Conditioning - 25 min

15-20 minutes for legs, arms, and core
1. 20 Pushups / 10 second rest
2. High knees for 30 seconds / 10 second rest
3. 20 Pushups / 10 second rest
4. High knees for 30 seconds / 10 second rest

Rest for 1 minute

5. 20 Alternating lunges / 10 second rest
6. 20 Tricep dips / 10 second rest
7. 20 Alternating lunges / 10 second rest
8. 20 Tricep dips / 10 second rest

Rest for 1 minute

9. 20 Squat jumps / 10 second rest
10. Elbow plank hold for 30 seconds / 10 second rest
11. 20 Squat jumps / 10 second rest
12. Elbow plank hold for 30 seconds / 10 second rest

8 minute core workout borrowed from PopSugar no crunches abs video
1. seated twist 1 minute
2. trunk twist (with feet off ground) 1 minute
3. lying knee press (knees bent, legs raised with hands pressing flat against knees) 1 minute
4. lying knee extensions (similar to image, BUT, your butt is on the ground and you alternate touching each foot to the ground before bringing back to initial raised knee position) 1 minute

Repeat exercises 1-4, each for 1 minute

Then do 3 set of toe touch crunch / 10 reps each set

Calories burned 179


25 minutes on Stairmaster, burned 285 calories!

To track calorie burning, I purchased a Polar FT7 watch almost a year ago on Amazon for $65.  I think this type of investment is crucial to accurately tracking your workout intensity and caloric burn so to better assess caloric intake. 

Workout Result- Hot Sweaty Mess!

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