Better Later Than Never

It's still been crazy busy work and I've been lacking motivation to come home and update the blog.  I hope to regain my motivational drive and continue my daily posts starting this week.  I realize this was my promise a few weeks ago when I did the monthly OOTD overview, but I plan to keep it this time.


My Outfit:  Sweater - Mak B / Jeans - Rich & Skinny Legacy jeans / Boots - Arturo Chiang Everly OTK boots

Regimen Change Up

Part of my motivational issue has been lack of closet inspiration and limited outfit options.  As I had mentioned previously, at the beginning of the fall I was excited to enjoy my favorite fashion season as I was no longer pregnant and had lost the baby weight.  However, after I stopped breastfeeding, I have slowly put back on some of the lost weight.  It's been pretty frustrating since I continue to work out and hadn't really change my eating habits.  With my wedding coming up, I would really like to lose the weight and have been trying to institute diet changes and vary up my workout routine in hopes it will kick me back into shape.

To switch it up, I've been trying to cut out carbs and eat more proteins which translates into this:
While I enjoy grilled chicken and vegetables, it can be a bit time consuming and expensive.  I spent $100 the other day at the supermarket, which mostly consisted of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and high fiber vegetables (brussel sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, & kale).  I am going to have an update each day on my progress in case you ladies need inspiration or ideas to change up your own routine.  Now on to Miss Faith.

Faith's OOTD

Faith's Outfit:  Sweater - Old Navy / Leggings - Gymboree / Socks - Trumpette Mary Janes / Sippy cup - Nuby

On Valetine's Day, Mark was really sweet and picked up a small flower bouquet for Faith in addition to a dozen roses for me.  (He also bought chocolates, which I've unsuccessfully ignored, but have limited myself to one a day).  Here are a few cute pics of her walking and holding her chocolate and flowers.

Faith's outfit:  Dress and leggings - Old Navy

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