Faith has reached the age now where she'll sit down and watch t.v. for a little, which works great if I need time when we get home to let the dogs out and start dinner.  The drawback to this...her fixation on watching the same shows and show episodes over and over and over.  She has gone from wanting to obsessively watch Frozen to episodes of Disney Junior show Little Einsteins.  I would much rather watch Anna and Hans sing "Love is Open Door" (one of my least favorite songs in the movie) than listen to Annie sing "HI, hi HII" - that little greeting grates on my last nerve.

My Outfit

I bought this vest a few years ago at H&M after seeing Michael Kors 2012 safari inspired spring line.  I find it to be pretty versatile and this color green is probably my favorite after gray and black for clothing.

Images via Tom + Lorenzo Fabulous & Opinionated post

The boyfriend jeans have gotten more torn at the knee, which makes me love them even more and the sandals were another +T.J.Maxx purchase earlier this summer.

My Outfit:  Tank - Elle Tahari +T.J.Maxx  / Vest - H&M / Jeans - J Brand Aidan Slouch Boyfriend Jeans +T.J.Maxx $69.99 /Sandals - A. Giannetti +T.J.Maxx $29.99, similar here for $20!!

Some cute options in J. Crew's new arrivals

Image via J.Crew
Image via J.Crew

Faith's OOTD

These are the second pair of flip flops Faith got this summer as her first pair from +Old Navy got lost in transit between Mimi's and Nona's houses.  At this point, only one has been uncovered.  She LOVES flip flops and will attempt to put on any pairs she comes across in the house.  Today, she's rocking the baby version of a wife beater onesie I got a while back at +H&M with a cardi for the cooling temps in the AM.

No patience - she wants in that jogging stroller now!

Faith's outfit:  Cardi +Gap / Onesie +H&M , options here, here, and here / Skirt +Old Navy , same here in different prints / Flip flops - Roxy +T.J.Maxx $5.00, buy same here

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