Sunny Days Ahead

A while back, I got fixated (as I have a tendency to do) on buying Faith rain boots and a rain jacket.  During this crusade to find her an adorable pair of rain boots, I asked myself the question - to buy or not to buy her a pair of Hunter Boots. There's just something about those boots that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes she'll only be able to wear for 3 months...similar to the moccasin craze that my friends Jill, Alani, and I ooh and aah over.

Image via, post here
Image via, post here

Image via Freshly Picked 
 After talking it out, I settled on purchasing Faith a pair of Hatley Kids rain boots.

Image via Zappos, buy boots here
These rain boots are a bit more reasonable priced and there are several options for sale on +Shop6pm that are $19.99.  There are also several Hunter boots available for sale at $42 on the same site.

Here are a few pics of Miss Faith rocking her rain boots around the house and the rain coat I purchased at Target.

Faith's outfit:  Cherokee striped tee and Old Navy leggings 

Faith's outfit:  +Target Cherokee Fox Rain Coat, buy here+Gap Factory denim leggings, Converse pull on sneakers - bought +Marshalls for $14.99
Lately, I haven't been able to get the best pics of Faith.  She refuses to stay still and my new phone has a new camera app that I've been using and still haven't adjusted to.  So if any of you know of good Android camera apps, please let me know!  Because so far, I'm NOT loving this one. 

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