How to Add Curb Appeal with A Spring Wreath

The outside of our house is pretty abysmal - we have none of the elements you look for when assessing curb appeal.  In reviewing this article from Better Homes & Garden, they present 20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal.  I've rounded up my 4 favorites below.
  1. Porch or Portico
  2. Window Boxes
  3. Garden & Lanscaping
  4. Arbor & Fencing
Images via BHG

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, my husband quickly demolished what existing gardening/landscaping we had.  He took a Sawzall and sawed off limbs and dug up all the shrubbery in the front of the house.  The bushes were pretty ugly; however, looking at the barren landscape of our front yard, I'd say it's almost as bad.  The plan was to start from scratch, but until recently, the front of the house hadn't been a huge priority.  Part of that was due to our efforts on the kitchen remodel

Here is a side view of the front of our house.

The house has always had the nice white shutters and last year we replaced the front door and added a keyless lock in antque bronze.  I would love to eventually build a porch or portico, but that's a much bigger, more expensive project.  I have given myself a few attainable goals for this spring.
  1. Mulch the front beds
  2. Add window boxes
  3. Add some outdoor friendly decor 

DIY Spring Wreath Ideas

I want to take on more DIY projects and got inspired by Michael's National Craft Month Maker's competition and the post put together by Positively Splendid.  The initialized wreath she entered into their competition is gorgeous and got me pinning away other DIY wreaths.  Some different options have been laid out below.

Initalized Wreath


Non-Floral Wreath
Image via Daisy MaeBelle

Square Wreath
Image via Architecture Art Design
Burlap and Ribbon Wreath
Image via Etsy The Ruffled Page Shop

Lavender Flower Bucket
Image via Country Living

My goal is to do a post later this week or beginning of next on my DIY spring wreath.  My favorite wreath was the first, the initalized design; however, I wasn't able to find the right materials at my closest local arts&craft store.  I have picked my wreath base, which is 20" in diameter and my faux flowers to weave into the wreath.  I hope you like my picks and would love to hear from you on how you're sprucing up and readying your house for spring.  While we've been lacking sunny days in Massachusetts, I have hope that the weather will turn for the better, providing me with the opportunity to get my mulch on.

Love, Candace Jean

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