Dean Does Lately...11 Months Old!!

I can't believe my little man turned 11 months old last week and that next month we'll be hosting his one year old birthday party at the house.  I don't want to start talking about it because my anxiety will kick in when I think about all the things we need to do to get our house ready for company.


  1. Cruising along our sectional
  2. Using his activity table as a walker
  3. Waved back for the first time
  4. Has 3 teeth now with one top snaggle tooth (so, so cute!)


This toy is great as it sings, teaches numbers, letters, & colors and is really sturdy. Dean can pull himself up and it doesn't move; however, it is light enough that he can walk it across our living room floor. It's a great toy and snagged it at Target for $24 on Black Friday. I'd definitely recommend investing in one of these, especially since this is an inexpensive toy at its regular price of $36.


On Friday, we had a fun day at the Fall River library where they hosted a Paw Patrol event with Skye and Chase in attendance for the kids to meet and take pictures. We met up with my friend Alani and her two sons afterwards heading to her house to let the fun times continue.  Our oldest children were born 10 days apart and get along really well.  It was great weather and got us out of the house for a whole day outdoors.  Sometimes when I stay in with the kids all day on Friday, I lose a little bit of my sanity.  Even though Dean is no longer at the age where he sleeps during our trips, he does enjoy being out and about.  It's going to be hard when he starts walking - I'm really going to have to enforce the stroller.  I forgot my stroller on Friday, so I carried him around at the library.  He's just way too heavy in the car seat now that he's over 20 lbs.

Dean wearing

Toobydoo shortie jumpsuit, buy here
Freshly Picked moccasins color - FleetWeek, buy here

Faith wearing

H&M tank dress ($5!!), buy here
Old Navy ballet flats, buy here

In the bottom two pictures, you can see Dean in his baptism outfit before church.  I purchased the Michael outfit through Amazon from the shop One Small Child (also connect through their website).  I really liked the quality of the outfit; it's 100% cotton.  I purchased the 24M size based on the lengths in the size chart since I didn't want the outfit to be too snug.  When it arrived a few days after ordering (thank you Amazon Prime!), it appeared really long so I washed and dried it a few days before.  It definitely shrunk a little bit and fit perfect for the big day.  The venue we hosted our family at afterwards was great and they had an ice cream sundae station, which was a BIG HIT with everyone.  I'm really hoping that my mom will send along her pictures soon so I can post some additional photos.

That's my wrap up of Dean.  I'd love to hear about your kiddos in the comments section below.  I'm also thinking about doing a feature or several features on moms with kiddos at different ages and the challenges we face as parents as well as things that come easier.  If you would be interested, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Love, Candace Jean

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