How to Give the Cold Shoulder

Did you think I was going to talk about ignoring people?  Ha!  I'm actually talking about my ongoing obsession with open shoulder and off the shoulder tops & dresses.  I've seen so much on other blogs and Instagram that I've pulled together my favorite looks below and shared some Target purchases inspired by these looks.  Quick pic of my purchases - more details after my roundup.

More details below


First look by Andrea Nine, who has the fashion blog Living on Cloud Nine is a great lady who always has sweet words for my blog posts.  I love her style and featured her in my post 10 Gorgeous Blush Outfit to Rock This Spring.  What I like about Andrea's style is that she mixes high low (in terms of price) pieces.  She is also a big fan of Target.  She also helps co-host a style link up, which you find the details on in the post I've linked her picture if you're interested in submitting your looks to her party.

Bright Pants & Style Perspectives

Second look I first found on Instagram account Hello Harper, which is a women's clothing boutique.  I love some of the accessories they have, but I was immediately drawn to this off the shoulder top with tied sleeves.  I've linked to their clothing boutique website - you can buy the top below for $39.

Knot A Problem Top

The last look I found while browsing top posts for off shoulder looks on Instagram, bringing me to the blog, Styled Snapshots.  I love the simplicity of her outfit and the dress looks comfortable, but the off shoulder portion gives it that little bit extra.  Kendall has a lot of great looks featured on her blog.  In the picture below, I've linked to her blog post, which has the dress details.

Chambray Off the Shoulder Dress


The past year or two, I've been drawn to open shoulder tops and blouses.  I like that they're drapey so I don't have to worry about clingyness around my middle (you know - I'm in my 30s and have 2 kids, a flat stomach has long passed me by), but I still feel dressed up and attractive with the bare shoulder action.  You know how guys are always talking about how sexy shoulders are...

Anyway, again, I was able to find the two looks below by searching Instagram.  When I turned to my first source for inspiration, Pinterest, most of the looks were related to Thredup and not specific blogs.  I'd rather link to blog posts that are recent that have purchasing information for my readers.

This first outfit pulls together an all white outfit with neutral tan accessories - LOVE IT!  This is sourced from blog, CUPPAJYO.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The last look I pulled from Pretty Little It Girl.  Her top not only gives the cold shoulder, but has tassels!!!  I love tassels (I've been stalking some tasseled pillows at Target, found on my Instagram feed).  Last, those blue suede shoes - yes please!

Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes


So I've had all these images burned in my brain and I went to Target to pass time during my lunch break while my car got some love (an oil change).  I found so many great fashion finds!!  Seriously - Target has up it's fashion game.  I ended up buying one off shoulder dress, one cold shoulder top, and a lace cami tank, but I tried on two  other cute dresses that I debated on buying.  But, I wasn't 100% sold on the dresses - it wasn't instant love like it was with the other picks and I decided to limit my spending.


This dress combines all three elements of my picks up above - it's a dress, off the shoulder, and has the knotted sleeves.  I cannot find this dress on Target's website, but it's $27.99 and hopefully at your local Target if you love it as much as I do.  

Target Dress, Vince Faye heels

Next up are the two tops. The first is a gray lace camisole that I thought would look really cute with skinny jeans or denim cut offs when it gets warmer.  It's a little on the loose side with the bottom a slight peplum ruffled bottom with lace.  I couldn't find this online either, but I bought it for $17.99

Target Mossimo tank

This red top has the tassels on the shoulder ties and lace at the bottom.  It is online and available for $19.99.

Target Xhiliration Top (Image via Target)

I hope you like my round up - if you've seen any great cold shoulder tops, please share below!  And have a great weekend.

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