Dean Does Lately...15 Months Old

You would think not much has changed in month, but let me tell you, this kid does NOT STOP!  He has now figured out how to haul himself onto our couch and destroy Faith's Shopkins play area.  He has a new phrase, a new word and he's starting to figure out how to jump up and down.

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Dean is full on walking, no toddling around for this guy, and is quite the speed walker.  His favorite move is to put his arms straight behind him and gun it for a hallway so I'll give chase.  He kind of reminds me of a bird ready to take flight.  


I might have taught my son the phrase "Go Away".  Let me explained how this happened.  Dean likes to throw everything, including his food, on the floor and my dog Max hovers in the wings for meat and cheese foods to fall.  So I started shooing Max away because Dean would keep throwing the food once he realized Max ate it rather than eat it himself.  In addition to "Go away", his new word is "baby", which is what he calls his blanket.  My favorite blankets are the muslim cotton blankets.  Faith still has 3 of her baby blankets by Aden + Anais that I bought at Target (check out here).  They get softer with each washing and stains are easily removed.  I'm talking poop blowouts, vomit, and chocolate milk.  I have had great luck with finding muslim cotton blankets at +T.J.Maxx.  I've found a 4 pack of Aden + Anais for $19.99 and other brands such as Hudson Baby for $14.99.  Below is a round up of some that are on sale.  I love the little bandanas at +Bed Bath & Beyond



This is the total number of words and phrases that Dean can say. My new favorite thing he does is wave and say "Hello". He's started doing this to other little kids and I love it.


Total number of teeth that Dean has.  With all these chompers, we're now comfortable with giving him big chunks of food rather than cutting everything up into tiny pieces.  He'll pick up a small slice of pizza now and bite into it rather than trying to shove the whole thing in his mouth.


We bought Dean a new pair of kicks at Target before we headed to Water Wizz.  They're velcro strap Superman sandals that light up on the bottom (buy here).  Now Faith wants a pair of light up shoes - are there cool light up sneakers we could get her?  Do light up shoes and cool even belong together or is that a bit of an oxymoron?  FYI - Target has a special Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on shoes as well as dance wear.  Just bought Faith a little Danskin outfit for $20 (leotard and skirt).


During the weekends, I cannot get myself out of bed to do a workout before Dean wakes up.  So I have one of two options:  1) Haul out the single jogging stroller - I have the BOB and it handles great - and take Dean out and run before Miss Faith and her daddy wake up (top 2 pics). 2) Bust out the double stroller and walk as a family.  What you are looking at in the bottom 2 images is me behind Mark and Faith pushing Dean in the double.  Faith decided she wanted to "exercise" in her ballet flats and it was HILARIOUS.  She looked like a power walker in a fashion outfit.  We need to get her sneakers ASAP.


When Dean has found toys left around by Faith that he's not supposed to play with, he brings them into our downstairs bathroom shower.  I took these pictures of him because I thought it too funny how he thought he was being circumspect, when I was standing right there putting on my make up for work.  His face in the second picture tells you - "What Mom, I'm not up to anything".  His face in the fourth pictures reads - "Oh man, you caught me".  I do like this morning activity because I know what he's doing and he's in the room with me.  If I can't keep him occupied, I'll put him in the high chair with breakfast and some nursery rhymes.  

To wrap it up, this little boy continues to keep me on my toes.  Thank goodness Faith is a chill independent little lady so I just have to worry about chasing this one around.  Please feel free to recommend some toddler girl sneakers that you love.  We'll be getting good use out of them this fall for soccer.


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