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With school starting in a few weeks for Faith, we're doing what we can to get ready by testing out back to school lunches and doing some back to school clothes shopping.  With back to school clothing, comes back to school pictures.  Below I've pulled together girls' and boys' outfits for first day of school from my favorite kids' clothing stores.

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Zara Outfits Back to School Pictures

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GAP Outfits for Back to School Pictures

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H&M Outfits for Back to School Pictures

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This is where I had initially bought Faith a few things for school and what I'm going to have her wear for potrait pictures at Target.  I have a coupon from Target for potrait studio picutres for $19.99 and since I really liked how our Christmas pictures came out, I figured the pricing is right to go back.  I'm also going to have Dean take some pictures with her and bought the shirt below to match to her dress.  Both are part of Target's Genuine Kids Fairytale collection, which I believe I've mentioned that I'm a bit obsessed.  I honestly think the theme is so cute and revolves mostly around Little Red Riding Hood.

Target Outfits for Back to School Pictures

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