TGIF!  Do you remember that line up in 90s with Full House, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World - so, so good.  Everytime I see or here TGIF, my mind is drawn back to that magical time of Friday nights, watching my favorite shows in my pre-teens after finishing dance class and enjoying pizza.  I think I'm getting nolstagic because my little girl just turned 4, my son is now 16 months old, and in less than two weeks I'm turning 35!  35!  I can't believe it.  #FridayFeeling

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1.  FAITH IS 4

Faith turned 4 this past Tuesday.  When she came downstairs, I said "Happy Birthday" and she replied, "Does this mean I'm finally 4".  I said "Yes" and she shouted "YAAAY" and jumped up and down.  That kid cracks me up with her enthusiasm for everything.  This year we're doing gymnastics, dance, and giving sports a try with soccer (so far, I'd say that's 50/50 - a bit of a love hate).  I'm excited to see what this year brings and what Faith learns at her new school.  

2.  DEAN IS 16 MO

Dean definitely keeps me on my toes (as discussed in this post) and I'm grateful we invested in our safety measures (my picks here).  The climbing has extended to his high chair, the trash insert, and the dining room chairs.  He has also taken a shine to Faith's Micro Mini Kick Scooter and started to figure out how to ride around on it.  Recently, I found some great deals on shoes at our local Marshalls.  I found a pair of gray velcro Converse seankers and velcro strap Timberland boots for $45 for Dean and while I was there I grabbed a pair of Nike sneakers for Faith at $25.

Below is a round up of some great shoe options that you could buy for your littles.  I can't begin to tell you how great it is to have velcro strap shoes.


Here are some purchases we made to round out decorations for the party room at Faith's birthday celebration tomorrow.

I bought 36 unfrosted cucpakes from Stop n Shop for under $20 - what a deal!  I'm going to buy white frosting, mix it with food coloring, and create something similar to below.

Image via Yum Food and Fun For Kids

We bought the birthday banner and napkins from Target for handing out the cupcakes.  We didn't need to buy any of the other party supplies since they're provided by the venue.

Some Dollar Tree purchases - red, yellow, and blue pom-pom garlands to represent Rainbow Dash's cutey mark and Skittles fun size packs.


I'm thinking for Faith's birthday celebration, she could wear something fun and fitting with the theme.  If you've thought about putting together a rainbow themed party or have a nut for rainbows like my daughter, below are some really cute options.  I need to stop by Target today and I'm hoping I can that cute striped number.  If I were closer to a Nordstrom, I wold totally go for Boden dress.


Due to my impending milestone bday, I've been really thinking about trying out an anti-aging cream and see if it helps with my crows feet and forehead lines. Here are a few that are affordable and on the top ten best drugstore retinol creams.

I hope all of you are having a great Friday and an even better weekend!

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